What Happened to Those Kids in High School?

So I went to lunch with one of the few friends that I still have from high school. I always had a small group of friends to begin with and that grew even smaller as we went to college and just lost contact. Not that I’m complaining, my best friend is still the same since I was three years old, and the friends I have are near and dear to me.

But this did spark a conversation about all those people that we have forgotten about. The ones that were so popular and have now seemingly fallen off the place of the planet. Until you see them working at your favorite restaurant. Or find out they have children. A boy I dated in the 8th grade has a toddler….WHAT. Another girl just had a baby with a 50 year old man.

It’s just bizarre to think about how these people are existing in their own lives that were once parallel to ours. Do they ever think about us? Are we ever a source of lunch time gossip?

These are my existential thoughts for the day. Is it just me or does facebook stalking clearly not cut it?

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