What to do When You Have Writer’s Block

  1. Literally just start writing
    Like, I know you’re saying THAT’S THE PROBLEM. But listen, just start typing. Whatever pops into your head, it doesn’t even have to be coherent. Just go full on stream of consciousness. Eventually it will give you and idea, trust your brain!
  2. Read something
    Books make you think and feel (unless you’re a sociopath). And whether those thoughts and feelings are positive or negative, they exist. Put them to paper! Or computer..
  3. Look at pictures
    Nostalgia is responsible for inspiring so many things (#tbt)! Look through your pictures. They’ll remind you of good/bad/funny stories, life lessons, and weird phases. What is more relatable than genuine human experiences?? Find inspiration from the ghost of your past!
  4. Write a letter
    It’s always easy to talk to people we’re close to. Write like you’re writing to your favorite person. You can go back and adjust it later, but this way you sound more like yourself and it will come out naturally rather than having to force it.
  5. Make a list
    I love lists. There’s nothing easier than making a list! List your favorite things, the things you hate, the things you need to do, the things you don’t want to do, literally whatever! Pick something from that list and write about it! Or write about everything in that list, you put it all there for a reason.


Happy Blogging!

6 responses to “What to do When You Have Writer’s Block

  1. Great list of suggestions!
    Personally, if I’m completely stuck and one of those ideas don’r work for me, I’ll do a Google search for writing prompts. Also, if I already have a project, I sometimes create mini-deadlines for myself (this chapter must be edited by such-and-such date).
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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