Prague in 2 Days

I will confess, I didn’t know much about Prague before we decided to go there. I knew what I had seen from watching the movie Amadeus. I imagined it like Amsterdam with less bikes (I’ve never been to Amsterdam either). The more I researched to plan for our trip the more excited I became. Prague is a small, beautiful city with tons of history and sights to explore. If it isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! Here’s how to fit it all in, in two days. And here is what happened when not everything went according to plan.

Day 1

Start your day by going to the national library! It’s a little more exciting than it sounds. Show up at Klementinum and sign up for a guided tour (220 czk). The tour will take you through the Chapel of Mirrors, the Baroque Library Hall, and the Astronomical Tower. The Baroque Library Hall is the best part, unfortunately photos aren’t allowed, so check out what it looks like here. You’ll get to learn some history, admire the building, and get a birds eye view of the city.


Chapel of Mirrors


View from the Astronomical Tower

Next, explore Old Town Square, a short walk away. Check out the Astronomical Clock, you’ll see everyone looking up at it. Every hour the clock does a little show. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat and then join a free walking tour. I’d recommend a walking tour of Josefov to learn a bunch of the city’s history.

Make a reservation to eat at Hotel U Prince, preferably just before sunset. It is a little touristy, but the rooftop views are totally worth it. The food and desert were great and the drinks are also awesome if you just want to have some cocktails.

And once you’re ready to go out, check out James Dean and M1 lounge. James Dean has such cool decor. The theme is America in the 50’s, which has maintained popularity in Prague. The music does get a little old after awhile, but definitely worth checking out for the novelty. And M1 lounge is just a fun club, very contemporary, and once featured on The Amazing race!

Day 2

Today you’ll be busy. Start off by going to Prague Castle bright and early. You can explore the castle grounds, it’s like a little city. You can also see St. Vitus Cathedral, the countries biggest and most important church.


St. Vitus Cathedral

When you’re done with the castle take the scenic walk down to the Charles Bridge. This bridge is a purely walking bridge and a great place to buy souvenirs and admire Prague’s architecture.


Charle’s Bridge


Chimney Cake

Right at the end of the bridge, you’ll find Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Get a chimney cake, which Prague is famous for, making famous. They bake them right in front of you and they’re perfect if you love Nutella and ice cream (and if you don’t you’re nuts).

Once your belly is full, keep walking down the river to reach Slovansky Ostrov, a little island in the middle of the river. The perfect place to hop on a paddle boat. There are also bars that you can paddle your way over to, which will serve you  boat side. Such a fun way to spend the afternoon and see Prague from a different view.


Finally, at night, make sure you sign up for the Prague Pub Crawl. You’ll meet people from every country and get to experience Prague nightlife at its best. And don’t forget to eat dinner before you go!

Find a video version of our trip here.

18 responses to “Prague in 2 Days

    • It was the top of the Astronomical Tower in Klementinum. You climb up a bunch of rickety steps (172 in total). Astronomers have used it to make astronomical and meteorological observations since the mid 1700s, They have a bunch of old measuring instruments on display too!

      If you figure out how to get to the top of the clock tower let me know!

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  2. Amazing photos! Glad to see that you found Prague gorgeous; it’s impossible not to fall in love with the beauty of the city! I’ve also been to Amsterdam, and while it’s also pretty, I would much prefer Prague for its stellar castle views and warm, delicious food. Looking forward to reading more of your travels!

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