What to do in Small Town, Colombia

I went to Pasto, Colombia this past December. One of the major attractions there is La Laguna de la Cocha, a large lake with an island in the middle named La Corota. On the Corota there is a nature sanctuary protecting the flora and fauna endemic to the small island. The area is surprisingly popular with European expats and land owners lending itself to many gourmet restaurants and 5 star “chalets” to stay at. And the freshest trout  you’ll ever eat! Once you’re finished eating, there are horses to ride, and games to play. There are also tons of food and candy vendors on the way to the boats that will give you a tour.

On our tour, our guide told us the Legend of the lake. It went something along the lines of a king getting very upset after finding out that his wife had fallen in love with someone else. The queen and her lover ran away and found themselves in this area. The king prohibited anyone from helping them. Eventually someone did aid them by giving them water from a spring. The gods were so mad with her infidelity and the disobedience of the king’s order that the water kept multiplying until it covered the whole village and became the lake that now exists.


Reunited with family on the overlook down at La Corota


We ate at Chalet Guamuez


This is the surrounding land



Some local treats on the way to our boat



On the Island


Learning about nature

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