24 Things I Learned in 24 Years

I just turned 24. So I took a little time to reflect on a some things that I have learned.

About Myself

  1. I CAN get ready in 10 minutes
    When I was younger I would get up hours early to start getting ready for school, for work, for anything. In the last few years I have realized how much time I waste in doing that. Guys can walk right out of the shower into the world, why are women expected to put in so much more effort? Don’t get me wrong I’ll still fancy myself up when the occasion calls for it. But, I have fully embraced throwing my hair up, putting on some bb cream and walking out the door.
  2. I need water
    I mean obviously, I’m a human. BUT, I have severely underestimated how much in the past. I have significantly upped my water drinking game, trying to hit that recommended ounce-age. I used to get puke inducing migraines when I was younger, but since I have been more conscious of my H2O intake, they are next to none existent (knock on wood). And yeah, I guess it could be a hormonal thing, but drinking more water has all around made me feel better and my skin so much nicer!
  3. My likes change daily
    This is why I always try new things. I used to hate tomatoes and avoid them at all costs. Until I tried them again in High School, and now they’re one of my favorite veggies (fruits?). Taste buds change, we change, so, keep trying stuff out!
  4. I’m an emotional sponge
    This is why I don’t like being around negative people. I soak up everyone around me’s energy. I think this actually happens to a lot of people without them even realizing. And it happens the other way around too. I try to surround myself with positive people and perpetuate the good vibes.
  5. I have a passion for travel
    I’ve always felt like I’m the only one that doesn’t have a hobby or anything I’m passionate about. But, now I’ve discovered I do, it’s traveling. I am fascinated by foreign places. I love doing research and planning trips both for myself an others. Nothing excites me more than discovering more about the world.
  6. Dieting is impossible
    I love food and I can’t stop myself from eating it. My stomach is a never ending pit. I have tried doing “diets,” and they never last longer than two days. I think you’re body generally know better than a dietician. So it’s wrong to restrict it. Instead I make sure that along with the ice cream and french fries, I also eat plenty of fruits and veggies and foods that are truly nutritious.

About Relationships

  1. Don’t settle
    When someone settles in a relationship, both parties lose. In a world that’s so big, there’s someone that’s just right (probably many someones, if we’re being realistic). Don’t brush off the things you don’t like, you will like them even less over time!
  2. Relationships are learning experiences
    Every relationship is different and there is something to be learned even from the bad ones. Whether you learn how to treat people, how to cook, or a few words in greek. In the best relationship you can go on learning from each other forever. The best way to learn is from others, so you have a lot to gain from the one you spend the most time with (choose wisely).
  3. You inevitably turn into the person you’re with
    And that’s not the worst thing in the world. Don’t go so far down the rabbit hole that you lose your own personality. But, so what if you start to share one brain? It makes communication a lot easier (half joking). Really though, you each slowly morph into a better person, it comes along with the the learning from each other. And you get to know twice the useless information.
  4. Always say how you feel
    What might seem like an obvious slight to you, might be something of little significance to your partner. Communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings that can blow up into an unnecessary fight. Everyone has a different “love language,” so it’s important to say how you feel so your expectations are understood. Not saying how you feel to avoid confrontation only leads to passive aggression and resentment.
  5. Pick your battles
    I’m still learning about this one. And it seems really counterintuitive to my last point. But too much of anything is wrong, speaking your feelings included. There are some things that truly aren’t worth arguing over. As a general rule of thumb, if it’s not something you’ll be upset about tomorrow, let it go. And if it really bugs you, but it’s also really little, say something without causing a “battle.” Words are a powerful thing and they can be used to state something gently.
  6. They are worth it
    Sometimes it’s hard to believe. If you have experienced any kind of heartbreak or deception I’m sure that you have sworn off love at some point. I certainly have, but it’s definitely been short lived. I love, love. It’s definitely not easy, but I feel like it’s what we’re on this planet to do.

About Others

  1. Don’t Compare
    “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And social media has a monopoly on that theft ring. When we stop being jealous and start being happy for one another life is easier. Comparison is completely unproductive.
  2. Everyone is on a different timeline
    Things happen for everyone at different times. My mom was 24 when she had my brother. I certainly don’t feel capable of being responsible for another human just yet. Some people have jobs right out of college, some people take a long time to finish college, and some people take a long time figuring out what to do. We’re all different with different paths, and no path is better from the other.
  3. Be kind
    This might be the biggest cliché in the list. However, it’s the gold standard. Again, you don’t lose anything from being nice, however, you do have a lot to lose from being a jerk. Be kind and the universe will reciprocate your good energy.
  4. Good friends are hard to find
    So hold on to them! These relationships are just as rewarding and difficult as romantic relationships. You get out what you put in.
  5. People are fickle
    Not everyone is going to stick around. Be careful with who you trust, and don’t trust easily.
  6. We’re all equal
    You’re not better than anyone else. You can’t judge anyone because the truth is if you grew up under the same conditions, you’d likely be the same as that individual you are judging. We’re all products of our circumstances.

About Life

  1. Worry less
    Worry doesn’t do any good. If you’re worried about something do something about it! Do something to help prevent whatever you’re worried about. And if you feel like there is nothing to do, pray. If you’re not into that, talk to someone about it. Worry is futile.
  2. Generic is good
    I grew up with generic. I asked for mouse trap, I got “mouse, mouse get out of my house,” I asked for twister, I got “twister moves.” The list is endless. I went through a phase around middle school when this bugged me. I only wanted name brand, thankfully I grew out of caring. And now I realize generic is often better. I will never buy Advil when I can pay half as much for Ibuprofen. And I’ll choose Harris Teeter brand french toast stick above any other.
  3. Be appreciative
    The more appreciative you are, the happier you’ll be. Another cliché, but we really take things for granted. Just by having the access to read this you’re immensely fortunate.  
  4. Hot Sauce can make anything taste better
    I’ve had plenty of cooking snafus on my journey to culinary enlightenment. Hot sauce has always made them edible. It also allowed me to create Kevin’s favorite pasta dish!
  5. It’s never the end of the world
    Disappointment is a part of life. Half the time it is a blessing in disguise, something that wasn’t quite right for you, or fell through for something better to take place. And sometimes something so bad happens that it really does feel like the end of the world, and is impossible to find meaning in. Even so, the world goes on, life goes on, and eventually you will go on too.
  6. Preventative healthcare can be lifesaving
    While I haven’t been personally affected by this, I have seen the value first hand. A lot of people wait until it’s too late to get medical attention. Regular checkups, while inconvenient, can end up saving your life. Don’t take your health lightly. (PSA over).

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    • Exactly! Eating is one of life’s biggest pleasures in my opinion. There are so many things to taste just like there are so many place to see. And it’s always worth repeating your favorites over and over (for both). Thanks so much for reading!

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