How the Law of Attraction Changed my Life

The Law of Attraction became really popular around the time the film/book, “The Secret,” came out. I actually started watching the film about 4 years ago, having no idea it what it was about. Kevin and I laughed at how exaggerated and cult-like it seemed for about 15 minutes, before we picked a better movie to watch.

I watched the film again recently, and it still seemed just as silly. It was hard for me to get passed Bob Proctor saying that no one knows how electricity works, as an example of having faith in something. This is coming from a girl who was forced to struggle through intro physics, but still has a pretty good grasp of how electricity works.

However, my interest was piqued when I heard all the Einstein, Plato, Buddha etc., quotes. I wondered if these were taken out out of context or if they were even real. So, I started to do some more research. The more I opened up to the idea, the more I realized I had been, passively, following the law of attraction for awhile now.

What is the Law of Attraction?
The idea is actually very simple; thoughts become things. If you think about good things happening, good things will happen. Obviously then, if you think about bad things happening, bad things will happen. It’s based on the idea that we are each just a conglomeration of energy. What we actually perceive is entirely in our brains. If we want energy (or things) we perceive as positive, we need our brains on the same frequency to receive it.

How many times have you been thinking or talking about someone, and suddenly they text you, out of the blue. Or, have you ever gone out in sweats hoping you don’t run into someone, and then you run into everyone (which, never happens when you look nice). There are no coincidences. You’re manifesting those things through the energy your thoughts are putting out (not to sound like a nut)! But, what you think about is what you attract.

Look at the second example, when you’re thinking about how you would feel running into someone, while not looking your best, you’re telling the universe to make this happen. The universe doesn’t understand what you want, just what you think! The universe can only say yes! When you go out looking good, chances are, you’re not thinking about anything other than what you’re going to do. You don’t put energy into thinking about running into someone, so running into someone, doesn’t happen.

Many of us spend time worrying about things. We put energy into thoughts of things we DON’T want to happen, and because the universe can only say yes, those are the things we attract. I was very guilty of this when I was younger. I had crippling anxiety, (like fainted in front of my class bad). I thought I was justified too, because everything I worried about, happened! Now I understand that’s because conscious of it or not, the law of attraction is always acting.

How to Use the Law of Attraction
The biggest part of using the Law of Attraction in your favor is being grateful for the things that you have. Being appreciative puts you on a frequency of abundance. If you’re thinking from a place of abundance, you’ll attract more of what you have. So instead of thinking, “I don’t have enough money,” think, “I’m so fortunate to have enough money to afford a roof over my head and internet on which to read this blog.” Because the fact that you’re reading this, already makes you more fortunate than most of the world. If you’re thinking you don’t have enough of something, the universe will perpetuate that energy and keep you in a place of lack.

I have gotten into a habit of writing down everything I am thankful for every night. Not only presently, but for the things I want. Instead of saying “I need xyz,” I write, “I’m thankful for the opportunities to get xyz.” In turn, I can honestly say I have been getting a lot more of those opportunities now that I have put in a conscious effort. And I have become a much happier, positive, anxiety-free person, which says a lot if you know me.

I have also been practicing visualizing. When you imagine yourself having or doing the things that you want, that’s a lot of energy! It’s not the easiest thing, but it definitely gets easier as you practice. When you start to feel how you would feel when all your wishes come true, they happen that much faster. Energy flows where your brain goes!

How Does God Fit into this Equation?
I’m not a new age person by any means. I typically like the tried and true classical methods for everything. And I was raised very Catholic. That’s actually what made this so fascinating to me. I have kind of been doing this all my life. I’ve always prayed (almost) every night, and I have (almost) always included what I’m thankful for. Which, I think is a lot the reason that I’ve tended to be on the luckier side. Through my thanks, I was manifesting more of the things I was thankful for!

I used to resent people telling me I was “lucky,” as if I haven’t earned everything I have. That’s the thing though, “God helps those who help themselves.” Yeah, I have done a lot of work to get where I am, but I have also had a lot of opportunities, and that’s what makes me lucky.

I think that’s also one of the most important things to take from the law of attraction. You don’t just imagine yourself having money and then get $100 in your bank account (usually, although this has happened), the universe/God/whatever you believe, gives opportunities to get yourself what you want.

Quotes and a Mantra
“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” -Buddha
Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything” -George Bernard Shaw
“If you dwell on your problems, you’ll have more problems. If you think of all the possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities” -Pinterest


~Good Vibes Only~


15 responses to “How the Law of Attraction Changed my Life

  1. Good points. However, we consider that thoughts and beliefs turn out to happen because of self fulfilling prophecies too. There are just some things can cannot seemed to be explained “scientifically” yet! lol

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  2. A great post which explains the principles so clearly! I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction as you probably noticed when you popped across to my blog. Thanks for having a read and I look forward to reading more of your posts too. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome! Sometimes it falls into the background for me because I get so busy. But when I really focus on it, it’s sometimes amazing how efficient it can be!

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  3. I partly believe on this thoughts “Whatever we think, become our reality” (I know there is a quote for this just don’t know who made it). But its not 100%, let’s say 99%. This is my opinion, 99% comes from combination of what we planned, what we worked and what we acted upon. So basically, we can say its in our hand, but where does the 1% lies? This 1% is not beyond our control, it has very small percentage to affect our plans and decisions of what’s gonna happen but when that 1% take over the 99%, you cannot do anything about it. For me, that 1% is decision from whom we believe the almighty of all. That almighty still the decision maker at the last minute.

    I can say, you have great thoughts here. Cool one.

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    • I really like this idea. And I think you’re right. I also strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes what you want the most, isn’t the best for you. I like to believe that when things don’t quite work out it’s because someone bigger than you knows better 🙂

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    • It’s actually fascinating. I found some pretty interesting videos searching it on youtube. It’s really changed how I look at everything to say the least.


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