A Foodie Weekend in Montréal

I spent the weekend in Montréal, eating and speaking more french than I ever have in France. My first visit to Canada was a foodie dream come true. There’s literally a restaurant every 10 steps in Montréal, so it was really hard to pick just a few to fit into a weekend. But, there was not one choice that I regretted. So, the following are my recommendations if you want to treat your tastebuds! And I’ll resist my urge to say “SO GOOD”, for each of them.


You can’t tell from the picture, but this place was actually pretty packed. We went on a Friday morning and I felt like a slacker since everyone else had a computer and a very serious demeanor. There was also a photo shoot going on so I felt a little in the way. With that aside, this was my favorite latte of the weekend and the ham and cheese sandwich was easily my favorite of my life. The classic sandwich had a few surprises making it delicious (hint: it had apples).

This place doesn’t take reservations, and had a fairly large line when we went around 11am. Luckily it’s pretty big so we only had to wait about 20 minutes. I was so excited for this one because I loved the name, and had some pictures of some delicious looking crepes from here. However, my banana crepes with crème anglaise were not what I was expecting, and totally underwhelming (would not recommend). Kevin’s breakfast though, mac and cheese fritters with pork and jalapeño eggs Benedict on top was bomb. So, I might have eaten half. There’s so much to pick from on the menu, so I would definitely give it another chance.

Fairmont Bagel
Everyone raves about this place so obviously we had to give it a try! Completely unassuming and tiny, but definitely worth the hype. There was a small line when we went, but maybe 2 hours later when we passed by again the line was down the block! Fresh baked bagels are always a good idea, but these were especially tasty.


La Fabrique
This one is really more of a brunch since you can still get mimosas. For brunch I had steak tartare and duck fat fries, with my mimosa, and if that’s not fancy to you, you’re looking in the wrong place. And yet, it was a really casual atmosphere and not very expensive. Also, apparently, very family friendly we learned, when we had to make way for two separate strollers.

Olive et Gourmando
This one had a tiny menu. But even with more options, I probably would have still chosen the cuban sandwich as the woman sitting next to us (about 10inches away) recommended it. Definitely a very cozy atmosphere and in a cute area to walk around before or after.


Les Deux Singes de Montarvie
It was a little pricey and the first restaurant we went to so I got all dressed up. To my dismay the waiters were in Birkenstocks and ripped jeans. So I was a little overdressed. Montréal is very hipster friendly. Dress accordingly. They have two tasting menus you can choose from, the regular one or the pescatarian option (they will create vegetarian option on request, as well). From the amuse-bouche to the soup, to the appetizer the food kept getting better and better. And it was all so beautiful, not a dish came without an edible flower. The main courses were unfortunately underwhelming and flat in taste compared to the prior dishes that exploded with flavors. It was so much food intensified by the perfect wine pairings, so honestly that wasn’t a deal breaker. And the spruce ice cream desert was perfectly complex and satisfying.

Le Serpent
This was by far my favorite. Every dish was surprisingly exceptional. So many flavors were packed into even the smallest bite. The salmon melted in your mouth. And the bucatini, seriously perfect in both texture and taste. Our waiter was the absolute sweetest and had spot on recommendations. The sommelier on the other hand was pretty rude. It probably didn’t help that I assumed this place would be like the first was quite underdressed this time.

Let me start by saying, you’ll be waiting in line. We arrived at 5:30pm, exactly when the restaurant opens, and it was already full. You can see why from the pictures, it’s tiny! But they know what they’re doing.  They hand out menus for you to be prepared to order the second you are seated. The food comes out almost immediately. We had our appetizer before our drinks. Literally, the fastest meal I have ever eaten. And very tasty. Quirky experience and the best tacos I’ve had at a Japanese place.

Bon appétit!

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  1. My mouth’s watering at every photo! It’s been years since I last visited Montreal, and it’s so great that there’s such a foodie culture in the city! The bagels are on my bucket list, should I decide to visit again some day!

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