The 5 Best Dates to Go on

Today marks five years since my first date with Kevin. How crazy?! So much has happened since then. I feel like we’re completely different people now. Better people. What’s remained consistent is how great our dates have always been. This half decade milestone has made me think about my favorites.

  1. The Ice Cream Date


    Honestly, my favorite kind of date. Any day, any time. Especially when you’re wearing matching clothes…Honestly what’s better than a couple of scoops in a waffle cone with some good conversation? Perfect for a first date, or a millionth date. And even if the date isn’t great, you still have ice cream!

  2. The Something New Date

    It’s so fun to try something new with someone you care about. Instant lifelong memory. It doesn’t have to be a haunted Segway tour, but I’d definitely recommend it! Watching each other act like you’re not scared, as your figuring out how to balance, is priceless. Whatever the new experience is, you’ll be telling people for years about how the first time you _______ was together.

  3. The Movie Date

    A classic, for good reason. Bonus points if pick the right time and get the whole theatre to yourself! Double bonus if you find a dine in movie theatre with food, drinks, and love seat recliners for cuddling. Getting a movie theatre vibe at home works too. This is the best way of finding out if you’re right for each other. If you can’t love and hate the same movies, is it worth it?

  4. The Active Date

    These are so fun whether you’re physically inclined or not. You’ll definitely push yourself to impress, and might regret it tomorrow, but being active is always a good thing! This is another one that leads to good memories. Like the time I allegedly dropped Kevin 3/4 of the way down a rock wall before realizing I was responsible for his life…..

  5. The Do Nothing All Day Date

    IMG_6496Self Explanatory. *Best when there’s lots of love.

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